Generic Manuals

TPS (Throttle Position Sensor) Calibration

The document that explains the calibration of your Throttle Position Senor. This procedure will give you a better throttle response and remove any stalling and jerking.

Map Switch Installation

The document explained the installation procedure for the PowerTRONIC Handlebar map switch

Quickshifter Installation

Everything to know about PowerTRONIC Quickshifter, installation procedure, calibration, and basic troubleshooting

Stock Coupler Test

Stock coupler test, which should be done after installing the harness on the vehicle to verify the connections of the harness. Note: This test before connecting the PowerTRONIC ECU.

R-Tune+Driver Installation, Connecting to ECU and Commands

The detailed document, for installing R-Tune software and USB drivers on your Windows device. It also explains how the ECU connects to R-tune and Basic commands of R-Tune.

Upgrading ECU Firmware

This document will help you to upgrade the firmware of the PowerTRONIC ECU. It is advisable to get in touch with the PowerTRONIC Support team if you need any assistance.

Map Switching and Mixing

Everything you to know about PowerTRONIC Maps, Map structure, switching between maps, mixing of two map files, and loading it to the PowerTRONIC ECU, and other operations

Installer Checklist

The installer/tuner checklist for PowerTRONIC, installation, the configuration of PowerTRONIC, and Basic troubleshooting procedure