FAQs – Frequently Asked Questions


Yes, the PowerTRONIC controls your fuelling and ignition to deliver optimal performance and throttle response throughout the rev range. You would see an increase in top speed with the PowerTRONIC but you can expect higher gains with improved airflow/exhaust combinations.
Yes, PowerTRONIC comes standard with FUEL and IGNITION control for all bikes.

If you’re someone who’s handy with tools, a look at the installation guide for your bike would be all the help you’d need. It might even be fun.

However, if you’d rather have your trusty mechanic do it, it shouldn’t take them more than 30 mins of their time. (Installation time would vary from bike to bike – a naked bike would be faster to install on.)

The PowerTRONIC connects to the Injector, Ignition coil, Crank Position Sensor, Throttle Position Sensor, GND – Ground | negative terminal of the battery.

The box contains the PowerTRONIC ECU, tuning cable, PowerTRONIC wiring harness (bike specific), stock coupler & decals. You would not have to purchase the tuning cables or software separately.

The map would remain intact even if the battery is disconnected or the unit is removed from the bike.
Make sure all connections are secure, check the wiring harness for any damage (including the crimps on the connectors). Make sure the ground wire is connected to the negative terminal of the battery. Inspect the PowerTRONIC unit to see if you can see any expanded surface. If all seems in order drop us a mail at support@powertronicecu.com

The ground wire should be connected according to the specific instructions for your particular bike. An improper ground could potentially cause connectivity issues.

The PowerTRONIC is water resistant and is safe to use in the rain. That said please don’t take it in the tub with you!

For the list of bikes we support visit powertronicecu.com. We can develop a unit for your fuel injected bike if we have access to it at our headquarters in Bangalore.

The PowerTRONIC will allows overall ignition control in all operating points, and fuel control in the open-loop region of the original vehicle operating characteristics. The original lambda remains, and will help run the bike at optimal AFRs in the cruising region. You would see a much better throttle response and dynamics engine characteristics, along with safer air-fuel ratios at non-cruising conditions.

Specific to the Enfields, we override the lambda signal going to the original ECU ( ECU knows the lambda exists but not working as expected, and does not light up MIL) which makes the original ECU use a fixed map in all areas that previously used closed-loop correction (ex. post warm-up cruising region), which lets the PowerTRONIC take over fuel corrections in all operating conditions.

You use our FuelX Autotune, which intelligently learns and adapts to optimize the fueling to offer you the best possible refinement  

If your ECU has a CKP wire make sure the wire is securely connected as the signal is required for the rev extend the feature to work. When the ECU is connected to your bike as well as the PC, in the RTune software under ‘Crank Signal Type’ you should see a number displayed. If a value is not shown you would have to recheck the CKP connection.

For heavily modified bikes you might have to check the map in order to avoid running too rich which would prevent you from having an extended rev.

We do not support rev extend on quad cylinder ECUs.

For more info or questions drop us a mail at support@powertronicecu.com

We recommend that the PowerTRONIC should be unplugged before taking the bike for service (using the stock coupler would not work) so that the service engineer can inspect and service a stock bike. The PowerTRONIC leaves no trace of its use once it has been unplugged.

You can avail a demo at any of our dealers. Unfortunately, if you don’t have a dealer in your proximity we cannot provide a demo.
The quick shifter is compatible with all current PowerTRONIC units sold. If you have an old unit do drop in a mail to support@racedynamics.com and we shall confirm the same. Units with serial numbers PTPBDH… or PTPBQS… would be quickshifter compatible. 
Yes, the quickshifter is a plug and play device. We offer a piezoelectric load cell that detects when you wish to upshift. An instantaneous ignition cut allows the gearbox to unload for a seamless upshift. There is no need to modify the shift rod and installation would take less than 5 mins to complete. To set up the quickshifter for the PowerTRONIC V3 click here, and for PowerTRONIC V4 click here
Normal shifting using the clutch would take ~900 ms while shift time with the quick shifter would be ~250 ms.


RTune is a windows based tuning software.
You can use the following videos to help you along with installation.



You can tune individual maps by going to the Fuel 1/ Ignition 1 or Fuel 2/Ignition 2 tab depending on which map you wish to modify. A map by default contains values for both map 1 as well as map 2. Loading a map would populate both the fuel and ignition tables for both the maps.
On board dual maps can be switched using the supplied map switch connector. You can change maps using the RTune tuning software.

If you are using the preloaded maps or maps from our website, Map 1 would be the Race map with mid-range improvements while Map 2 would be the Race+ map with mid and top-end performance. 

Receive would read the map currently loaded on the PowerTRONIC. Send would temporarily transfer the map from the RTune software to the PowerTRONIC while Burn would make the map permanent. You would need to first send and then burn the map.

For PowerTRONIC ECUs with a TPS input you can use the Auto Calibrate feature to calibrate the TPS settings. TPS is an alternative method for load estimation and gives better performance at part throttle. To set up the Auto Calibrate you can use the following video. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wXnSl7gzYtw

Throttle calibration lets the powerTRONIC understand the throttle signal type, this is required for better response, smoother power delivery and seamless RPM increase transition points. Throttle calibration gives much better control over power delivery with respect to throttle position, especially when cornering.

Firmware updates are issued from time to time to resolve bugs that we discover. Although your ECU may work perfectly fine we recommend that the unit should be updated to prevent issues in the future. When a firmware update is released we shall notify you about the same. You can also check if your ECU is eligible for an update by visiting the ‘Downloads’ section of our website powertronicecu.com
The ‘Read Lock’ feature is available in the RTune software to protect your map.
For obvious reasons there is no way for us to have maps with every possible aftermarket product. You can try out the maps listed on our website and use the one you prefer as the base map to begin tuning. For basic modifications such as exhaust or air filter modifications our base maps would give you an improvement in performance.


For overseas customers we accept payment via PayPal only. If you are located in India you can purchase the product from Amazon India. If you have a dealer in your vicinity you can contact them directly for any sales enquiries.

For overseas customers: We ship all units via DHL Express/FedEx with delivery within 5 to 7 days.

For Indian Customers: Orders placed via Amazon shall be shipped either by Amazon/DTDC Plus or Professional Courier.

Powertronic is available GLOBALLY . We have a network of dealers offering direct sales and support . For locations not covered by dealers, we ship across the globe through our courier partners. To view our dealer network click here

Any custom charges would have to be borne by the receiver on delivery, please contact your local Customs Office for the required fees as the same would vary from region to region.  

PowerTRONIC is covered by a one year replacement warranty against manufacturing defects.

Go through the flowchart available here.  If you are unable to diagnose  the issue do get in touch with us and we shall assist you. 


FuelX Autotune is a Fuel Optimizer, it autotunes the engine to its best optimal parameters constantly monitoring, learning and adapting to the engines conditions like wear and tear, riding style, mods like exhaust/airfilter as well as external weather conditions and altitude 

FuelX pro comes with 10 Autotune Maps to choose from based on the mods on the motorcycle. Pro also comes with a handlebar map switch in box (need not purchase separately)

FuelX Lite comes with a single autotune map 

FuelX always ensures that the engine performs in the safest and most optimal zones and will not over stress the engine in any manner

FuelX is a fuel optimizer which is not majorly into improving the performance of the motorcycle instead it focuses on refining and enhancing the motor to ensure it runs smooth and happy

PowerTRONIC is a piggyback ECU, its major role is to improves the over all performance of the motorcycle by controlling fueling and ignition 

No! FuelX is designed to run with or witout PowerTRONIC. FuelX can be used as a standalone module and also in conjunction with PowerTRONIC ECU

We recommend you to use both FuelX and PowerTRONIC for better results by having a proper balance between performance and refinement 

FuelX being plug and play you can install it in less than 15 minutes 

FuelX connects to lambda sensor connector which is usually found on the exhaust manifold 

Yes but not as much as PowerTRONIC ECU. FuelX majorly focuses on refinement and enhancing the engine and not into performance 

Yes FuelX will improve the throttle response 

FuelX Pro – FuelX Unit, Handlebar Map Switch, Harness, Zip-ties, Support Card, Quick Start Guide and Decals

FuelX Lite – FuelX Unit, Harness, Zip-ties, Support Card, Quick Start Guide and Decals


FuelX is fully water and heat resistant 

Yes! FuelX is plug and play