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Basanti and I can finally hit the road again! With the PowerTRONIC installed, we are going full throttle starting from Muscat and riding to Jalan Bani!

Itchy Boots

Fantastic results on the Drag night! Thanks to @powertronic_ecu for the custom wiring harness. We are able to tune a higher range of RPM and really get a feel for the potential. Very happy with the results ET 11.94 at 111.34 mph!! This was a decent baseline beginning and now we can get serious about precision tuning

Revelry Racing

I am running this with the quick-shifter on a KTM Duke 390 race bike. Phenomenal performance and 1st class customer service. This piggyback ECU is everything it states, and more. You will never experience the level of customer support and service as you will here. We are putting these on 4 other race bikes and expect the same amazing results.

Barry Thomas

UK user of this with quick shifter on my 2014 KTM duke 390, full exhaust system K&N filter, even stuck a dynojet o2 sensor eliminator on it to really get full control of fuel and ignition… after a few operator errors it all came together and all I can say is wow wow wow what a great bit of kit. More importantly, it opens up the low and mid-range and gives a bit more top end. granted it’s only a 390 but it does make a big difference in how the bike performs.. highly recommended.

Rupe Wilson

Well I got the FuelX installed, And can happily report that it has met my best expectations. The bike idles nicely now and runs and pulls more cleanly at lower RPM. The jerkiness is not gone, but it is much better than stock. Surprised to see how quickly it changed the way the engine ran


Installed a FuelX-Lite, my 2022 390 runs soooooo smooth now in the low gears, no more jerkiness at all..and when I start my bike, it no longer stales out immediately if I don’t give it gas right away like it has since 1 bought it new worth the money and yes, our bikes should

Keith Archiquette

Go buy a FuelX Lite. If you have done an exhaust, intake, midpipe delete, downpipe. Go do it! For the 150 bucks it costs. It will smooth everything out and then some! Worth every penny for the life of your bike. That is all.

Tyler Weinsheimer

FuelX makes ur bike feel like a completely different machine at low & mid revs. The jerks & stalls will be completely gone and u will have noticeable increase in torque in low and mid range… Engine will run cooler

Tanmoy Biswas

I just put the fuel x lite on mine yesterday. I took the bike out and immediately noticed a huge difference. The bike runs so much smoother

David Sic

I installed the fuelx pro and it certainly smoothed out the bike in the lower revs, more responsive throttle, and does seem to run cooler. I don’t know about a power gain but for the price I think it was worth it. I am running on map 6

Patrick Youngs

Installed a FuelX on my 2017 Duke 390. The herkie jerky is gone and I couldn’t be happier! The bike seems to run cooler (less fan cycling) and is overall smoother to operate. It now clears the way for some modifications like the pre-muffler tank and cat delete with a K&N air filter