What is FuelX Autotune?

FuelX Autotune is a Fuel Optimizer, it autotunes the engine to its best optimal parameters constantly monitoring, learning and adapting to the engines conditions like wear and tear, riding style, mods like exhaust/airfilter as well as external weather conditions and altitude 

FuelX pro comes with 10 Autotune Maps to choose from based on the mods on the motorcycle. Pro also comes with a handlebar map switch in box (need not purchase separately)

FuelX Lite comes with a single autotune map 

FuelX always ensures that the engine performs in the safest and most optimal zones and will not over stress the engine in any manner

FuelX is a fuel optimizer which is not majorly into improving the performance of the motorcycle instead it focuses on refining and enhancing the motor to ensure it runs smooth and happy

PowerTRONIC is a piggyback ECU, its major role is to improves the over all performance of the motorcycle by controlling fueling and ignition 

No! FuelX is designed to run with or witout PowerTRONIC. FuelX can be used as a standalone module and also in conjunction with PowerTRONIC ECU

We recommend you to use both FuelX and PowerTRONIC for better results by having a proper balance between performance and refinement 

FuelX being plug and play you can install it in less than 15 minutes 

FuelX connects to lambda sensor connector which is usually found on the exhaust manifold 

Yes but not as much as PowerTRONIC ECU. FuelX majorly focuses on refinement and enhancing the engine and not into performance 

Yes FuelX will improve the throttle response 

FuelX Pro – FuelX Unit, Handlebar Map Switch, Harness, Zip-ties, Support Card, Quick Start Guide and Decals

FuelX Lite – FuelX Unit, Harness, Zip-ties, Support Card, Quick Start Guide and Decals


FuelX is fully water and heat resistant 

Yes! FuelX is plug and play