It’s the PowerTRONIC from Race Dynamics . Their customer service is amazing and they even arranged that if you want to buy this product and use the code ITCHYBOOTS, you’ll get a 10% discount!

Here is the link: 

PowerTRONIC comes with written instructions and you can contact Race Dynamics at any time if you have trouble installing it.

It was hard to record the connection points as they are a bit hard to reach within the bike! Also, we almost missed the lambda bypass coupler, which was hidden in the box, so don’t forget about that!

More important than the installation, is the performance of course!

I’ve now had the chance to really look at the differences and here are some of my observations:

  • The sluggishness is gone, the acceleration is a lot quicker and smoother –
  • Overall top speed has increased by about 15-20 km/hr (please note that I’m riding with panniers, topbox and fully loaded, so this might be different when you ride without all of that)
  • Because of the lambda bypass coupler, the engine runs a lot cooler, something I didn’t anticipate but am very happy with!

The map switch allows you to switch between MAP1 and MAP2. MAP1 is more comparable to original conditions and is good to use when you are trying to save fuel as the MAP2 will use more fuel. But that’s the only downside on the MAP2 so far, other than that, that is the map I want to ride in as it give me the best performance.

Unfortunately I can’t answer the question regarding fuel efficiency as my bike is now a lot heavier and less aerodynamic due to extra luggage compared to when I was riding in Asia. So my fuel efficiency dropped a little, but I think this is due to the extra weight! Others that have the Powertronic installed reported slightly better fuel efficiency! 

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