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We often get asked questions about how PowerTRONIC fares in comparison to products that simply connect to the Air Intake Temperature sensor.

Short answer, you get what you pay for.

While the PowerTRONIC provides fuel and ignition control with customisable maps, these alternate products do not. You will have a fixed map which is not in your control, and more often than not, you will also see a drop in performance.

They do not provide fuel control within the closed-loop (modern ECUs aren’t fooled so easily), but then neither does the PowerTRONIC. But that is where the similarities end. The PowerTRONIC offers full control of fuelling and ignition in the open-loop, while the alternatives offer changes with a very small variance which does not lead to an improvement in performance.

If you have a specific fuelling requirement due to modifications made to your bike, or have a stock bike and are looking for added power, a product that lets you see the changes being made to the fuelling and/or ignition will always outweigh one that does not.

Some products work as a lambda eliminator. These offer partial fuel control in both open and closed-loop. However, they work only on select older models and would also generally require an additional fuel controller.


If you’re here, you are probably looking at options for an upgrade for your bike. With several different manufacturers offering different solutions, making a decision can be a daunting task. How do you compare the options? What features do you need? Should you blindly trust what everyone else is using?

Most aftermarket ECUs available today only provide fuel control, after all, more fuel = more power right? Wrong! While optimising fueling does increase performance, 

these changes make a difference only in the open-loop region (throttle opening more than 65%). A way to override this would be to by-pass the lambda sensor

Ignition Control

Ignition control is tricky, which is why very few provide it. Those that do, usually sell it as a separate device. Almost all stock engines benefit from advancing the ignition timing. Changes to the ignition timing can be made for all throttle openings and throughout the rev range

Fuel Control

While only fuel optimisation is great, fuel and ignition control hits the sweet spot providing the best of both worlds. PowerTRONIC offers both fuel as well as ignition control as standard for all bikes, in one box!

rev extender

Rev Extender

PowerTRONIC extends your motorcycle rev limit. The Rev Extender function works within the engine safety limits and will not harm or overload the engine. Extending the Rev Range results in an improvement in overall performance in every single gear and the top speed can be achieved way quicker than stock​. This feature is available on Single and Twin Cylinder engines only*

PowerTRONIC Quickshifter

Quickshifters are another great addition for most bikes. While comparing quickshifter sensors, check the following:

  • Type of sensor being used: Most manufacturers provide a strain gauge or mechanical sensor which is prone to failure after prolonged use. These sensors also tend to provide false triggers. A piezoelectric sensor, such as what is provided by PowerTRONIC, has no moving parts and therefore has reduced wear and tear
  • Modification of the shift rod: If you need to modify your gear lever, that’s going to take more time as well as cause an inconvenience. With the sensor provided by PowerTRONIC, you need not modify the gear lever. Installation takes less than 10 mins
  • Shift pattern: A one size fits all – the PowerTRONIC quick shifter can work with both, regular shifting and GP shifting

Most riders who are looking for an upgraded ECU are normally seeking increased performance. This is usually limited to increased top speed, acceleration, rev range, power and torque. What is commonly ignored is the ride experience. 

PowerTRONIC through the preprogrammed maps, improves throttle response, rideability. What this translates to is a refined engine, linear torque, reduced engine temperatures. You would experience smoother acceleration, reduced vibrations. With the supplied 2 pre-tuned maps, you can effortlessly toggle between Race and Race+ modes. Map 1 aka Race Mode offers mid-range performance gains while the Race+ Mode offers mid and top-end performance gains

If for any reason after installing the PowerTRONIC you need to go back to factory settings, all you have to do is unplug and PowerTRONIC and use the LED Stock Coupler. No need to spend hours removing the wiring harness. The LED Stock Coupler also lets you know the status of each wiring connection to help diagnose any issues

With your copy of the R-Tune tuning software, create and load your own maps or use the maps available on our website. The PowerTRONIC can be remapped an unlimited number of times

Hope this helps you in making an informed decision. 

Happy Riding!

PowerTRONIC rated the best by racers worldwide!


Back in the old days of motorcycling, engines/motors had carburetors and just required a kick-begin to start up. Fixes could be made with biting gum foil and gum. You additionally expected to make these fixes, frequently – advance is commonly something worth being thankful for. Today, we have ECU tuning.

There is something magnificent about turning a few screws (read mapping ECUs) and getting a detectable change in how your bicycle runs, modifying the inactive point, getting the fuel spot on and having a great time directly after it’s balanced. It’s an incredible piece of the riding background – until you have to change it once more… and once more… and once more. A standout amongst the best pieces of present day fuel infusion is the “set it and overlook it” solidness and genuine feelings of serenity it offers. Saying this doesn’t imply that a carburetor couldn’t be steady that way – they simply weren’t more regularly than they were.

So how would you get back a portion of the mysterious sentiment of changing your bike to make it run superior to the manufacturing plant settings? We explain the how to upgrade your ECU.

How about we take the case of KTM 390 Duke/RC 390. They are pretty fast out of the box. 43bhp and 33Nm of torque with only 170-odd kg to drag around, these KTMs offer all that could possibly be needed execution for generally aficionados. Be that as it may, there will be a rare sorts of people who in the wake of putting a couple of thousand km on the odometer will discover the requirement for more power and Racedynamics has quite readied the response for those eager for power spirits.

What it is, is a module framework with which one can control fuelling, and start with cutting edge in-house created algos, and is incredibly simple to install.  This ECU is totally programmable, and comes pre-mapped with ideal adjustment for stock and somewhat altered bikes that expands control, effectiveness, top speed and betters throttle response. When connected, it upgrades start timing goals for expanded generally speaking additions and transient reaction which in straightforward terms results in expanded torque and power. Racedynamics guarantee the power is knock up to 47 bhp while the torque increments to practically 37Nm. These are great figures.

On the off chance that you are the tuner kind and continue tinkering with your motorcycle, the PowerTRONIC ECU can likewise be utilized to control fuelling. You additionally get bicycle specific maps to deal with broad adjustments. You additionally gain footing power and the capacity to work in ‘Remain solitary Trigger’ mode to broaden the revs past the stock ECU’s points of confinement.

The best part anyway is the installation process. It is plug and-play and comes packaged with all that you have to get moving straight out of the box.